Executive Summary

This sustainability report provides a comprehensive overview of Samskip’s dedication to building a sustainable future in the field of multimodal transportation and logistics. It serves as a transparent account of our progress and as a catalyst for continuous improvement. With a strong focus on Our Planet, Our People, and Our Responsible Business, we are actively working towards pioneering positive change in our industry and making a lasting impact. 

As we reflect on the accomplishments of this year, we are proud to share some of our top results that showcase our commitment to sustainability at Samskip. Through the collaborative efforts of our people worldwide, we have achieved significant milestones that demonstrate our positive impact on the environment, our people, and responsible business practices.

Some highlights for 2022 include:

10.4% CO2 reduction compared to baseline 2020.
2 additional vessels on 100% biofuels, resulting in 89% CO2 reduction per vessel.
Awarded the EcoVadis Gold medal for Samskip Multimodal, with a score placing us in the top 2% of most sustainable companies among our peers.
2 new rail lines opened, further improving our multimodal network, saving thousands of trucking moves in 2022.

Under the theme of Our Planet, we are committed to addressing the environmental challenges associated with our industry. By centring our efforts on sustainable multimodal logistics, we aim to minimise greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from transportation. We prioritise pollution control, particularly by embracing green power and innovation. Responsible water use and waste management are also integral parts of our operations, with all of these elements extending not only within our direct operations but throughout our supply chain. 

Our People are the core of our company. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees and all our stakeholders. We aim for inclusion, equity, and diversity across all aspects of our operations. We invest in career development and training programmes, empowering our workforce to thrive with channels for open dialogue. Moreover, our responsible supplier practices ensure that human rights are protected throughout our supply chain.

Our Responsible Business approach permeates all aspects of our operation. We uphold the highest ethical standards, adhering to anti-corruption and anti-competitive policies. Responsible information management safeguards the security and privacy of entrusted data. By integrating sustainability consideration into our business decisions and practices, we strive to create long-term value for all stakeholders. 

As we navigate the path towards a sustainable future, we remain dedicated to driving positive change with all who are aligned with the Samskip mission - by working together, we win together. 

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