Concluding Remarks

Samskip made significant progress in sustainability in 2023. The company is improving its long-term vision for its business activities. With its Double Materiality Assessment, Samskip has prioritised topics such as Climate Change and Employee Engagement and Development based on their strategic importance, ambitions, and stakeholder perspectives. Through its commitments and certifications, the company is aligning its actions with global and local expectations.

Samskip wants to demonstrate to its partners that its business model is credible and legitimate by continuously being assessed by EcoVadis and having its mid and long-term climate targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative through a rigorous process that involves setting policies, monitoring key performance indicators, and involving all levels of the organisations.

We also want to be transparent about our performance, so we are publishing a report in accordance with the GRI Universal Standards and preparing disclosures according to the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards framework.

We have reduced Samskip's total greenhouse gas emissions by 10% compared to 2022, demonstrating the effectiveness of its environmental initiatives. Additionally, Samskip Multimodal has been granted the EcoVadis Gold medal, with a score placing its Sustainability Management System in the top 2% of all companies assessed in 2023. These achievements highlight the strength of Samskip's management systems and proactive approach to sustainability.

Samskip has taken bold steps towards sustainability by introducing new hydrogen-powered Sea-Shuttles. The company has also continued its efforts to improve employee safety and well-being through an in-depth engagement survey to guide its policies. Samskip's governance and business ethics are upheld by well-trained employees who implement strong, formalised processes to ensure ethical conduct across all operations.

Our Responsible Business
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